Saturday, August 10, 2013

Solo Guardian (Really?)

I have been on holiday at the beach and out of game for over a week when I log in this evening. While I was gone, my corpmates managed to find all kinds of trouble which includes a wardec from a corp (Righteous Immortal Pew) that was upset about an encounter we had with them. /shrug

Since the static connection is crit, I grab an Oynx and pop the wormhole. Once the crit wormhole is dispatched, I scan out the new C2 and jump into the static. There is 1 medium and 2 small towers on d-scan with one force field. The unusual aspect of this is that there are 2 SMA's, 1 CHA and only 1 small autocannon between the three towers. Ok! After checking my overview settings, I decide to investigate. Sure enough, one of the small towers has a force field, 2 SMA's and 1 CHA with no protection. The gun must be at one of the offline towers.

There are still two planets out of d-scan range so I go to check them out and find another small tower with a SMA, CHA and Mobile Lab. This tower is also completely undefended. After deploying probes and locating all the wormholes, it is time to conduct a stront check.

A couple of corpmates and I jump into a variety of ships and start working on the tower with the mobile lab. We are at 50% on the shields when a covert ops ship jumps in from the C4. Let's hope he has friends. He is out of d-scan range of our tower bash fleet and he immediately drops probes.

Eventually, the covert ops pilot ends up finding the c2 static connection near our POS bash fleet and shortly thereafter the probes disappear. However, the covert ops ship doesn't appear to jump any of the connections. This makes us assume he has seen us on d-scan is trying to locate our position. The C4 activates again and a Tengu appears and cloaks. We are at 32% on the shields when another activation on the C4 occurs and I squad warp the group back to our home so that we can get proper PvP ships.

The second pilot from the C4 was in a Typhoon and he warped directly to the tower we were bashing. That confirms for us where the covert ops pilot was located. We reship and park a couple of cloaky T3s on our connection. In the meantime, I jump my scout into their C4 and find a lone Guardian sitting at zero on the wormhole. Huh? There has to be more to this fleet. No one flies a single Guardian, they are always in pairs. However, these pilots live in the C4 and I do not see any additional ships.

It takes a couple of minutes for the hostile scout to redeploy probes again in the static. Another couple of minutes and our static connection activates producing the hostile scout. He burns off and cloaks up able to see 1 Proteus on d-scan. The wormhole activates again and the Typhoon appears!

We decloak the T3s and engage the Typhoon. The Proteus pilot warps to zero and the Typhoon jumps back just before he lands. We follow through the wormhole and wait for the Typhoon to appear. While the Typhoon is holding cloak, the Guardian jumps into the C2 and warps.

The Typhoon appears and deploys Hornet ECM drones. The drones manage to jam me but we have multiple points on him so he is not going anywhere. The Guardian lands at zero. What? Get a point on him quick! Swap the neuts to the Guardian as well. Primary the Typhoon! Overheat all weapons!

The Typhoon explodes quickly and the pilot warps off and jumps into the C4 along with the cloaky Tengu. Obviously, the Tengu pilot did not want any part of this fight. The Guardian pilot jumps into our home system and I follow and tackle him on the opposite side.

After screwing up and warping to zero, jumping the wormhole in hopes everyone will follow and be on timer was a decent ploy. Unfortunately for him, it did not work. We left someone on the other side and his Guardian goes down. I guess he was flying a solo Guardian! Which worked as well as expected.

We managed to achieve the rare and elusive profitable and entertaining tower bash. The inhabitants of the C2 have no idea how close we were to reinforcing their tower. Since we had some fun, we decide to leave the small towers for someone else to stront check and go looking for more piloted targets.

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