Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hostiles running our sites!

I log in and the only pilot online informs me that we have a multitude of active pilots in the static. How many pilots does it take to make a multitude. Evidently, my concept of a multitude and his differs since it was only 5 active pilots and one of them was in a covert ops ship.

While we are debating whether to engage against 5v2 odds, I decide to jump my scout into their system. I jump to their system and no sooner get cloaked up when a Tengu and a Raven land on the wormhole. They got here way too fast to be a response fleet and that would be a really strange fleet comp to attempt catching a buzzard. 

Are they going to roll the wormhole? They sit there for a few minutes and then jump into our home system. And shortly thereafter warp to a data site in our system where they are joined by a covert Loki. First, this is going to end bad for them. Second, I fully intend to help things along.

Since they are out of range of d-scan of out tower, I have my corpmate jump in a Devoter and warp to the wormhole while I get within jump range of it with my Proteus. The Tengu explodes from sleeper fire before we even get the trap in place. There is the first part of their bad evening.

They manage to get the Raven and the Loki out of the site and warp them back to the wormhole. I decloak while they are landing on grid and we follow them through the wormhole with a Devoter and an Armageddon from another corpmate who has just arrived. The Loki quickly disappears on the  other side and we tackle and start pounding on the Raven.

It takes a minute, but the Raven pilot decides to jump back. We follow and bubble up back in our home system. Of course, we are all polarized so someone is going to die. Yep! The Raven decloaks and we start applying DPS. He is 30% into structure when he jumps out of the ship. We quickly stop DPS and manage to avoid blowing up the Raven by the narrowest of margins. Morias Enkieemon, on the other hand, is not so fortunate. We give him a free one way ticket back to k-space.

The wormhole is now crit and we collapse it and quickly scan down the new wormhole. Their scout is still in our system. As soon as we have the new wormhole, we warp 2 dictors to the new wormhole and jump. It takes a few minutes, but finally the scout deploys probes, finds the wormhole and jumps into our trap. I stay on this side while sending the other pilot back on a cross jump. The trap is sprung. I lock the covert ops ship and start shooting before he jumps back.

The scout manages to evade the second pilot and I race him to the other wormhole in our system jumping right on his heels to null sec. However, I was not able to decloak him so we go ahead and collapse the null sec leaving him cooling his heels deep in the Greater Wildlands. He and I chat for bit before he decides to work his way out of null sec.

Since everyone is gone, we now check out the static and find that it has a hi-sec just a few jumps from Jita. A couple of us head out for some shopping to restock supplies and a new pilot joins us to watch the hi sec connection.

We have been at it for nearly an hour and are in the process of running haulers back and forth when the scout watching the wormhole announces that there is someone in local offering 50M for a route out. He links the pilot name and it is a member of the corp we encountered earlier. What?

Evidently, the Loki pilot had jumped back to our system instead of cloaking. Then was trapped without a scout when we rolled their scout out into null. We ended up accepting the 50M ISK and giving him the route to k-space. All things considered, this was an interesting evening.

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  1. That sounds like a fun sequence of events. It's always interesting to see how the dynamics of wormholes and a lack of local comms can affect engagements.