Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fleet Fight!

We have activity in the static but it doesn't appear that the pilots live there. Kalseth and Wolwen have killed a Heron and there is a Enyo warping around the system. I jump in a Proteus and warp to our static connection.

The Enyo lands and Kalseth engages as Wolwen and I jump into the C2. Well Kalseth started to engage until the Enyo almost instant popped him and then managed to snag his pod as well. Boo!

By this time, Wolwen and I have the Enyo pilot locked and we proceed to destroy his ship and then get lucky and snag his pod as well. Not sure how you manage to catch a pod with cruisers and no bubble but we will take it. That was a fairly expensive pod.

A little scouting and we confirm that these pilots are coming from a connecting wormhole. I jump a scout into their system and see a Proteus and a Guardian on d-scan but there are two planets off d-scan and I find a second Guardian at the outer planet. By now, another pilot has shown up and shipped into a Kronos.

We decide to engage with a Prophecy, Oneiros, Proteus, Vexor Navy and a Falcon. We jump the Prophecy into their wormhole and they warp the Kronos and Proteus in to engage. The Prophecy burns away from the wormhole and once some distance is established, we jump the rest of the fleet into the wormhole.

The fight is on! They have a Kronos, Proteus and 2 Guardians against our fleet. The battle rages for several minutes with neither side gaining a clear advantage. We get one of them to below half armor and then the jams fail on the Guardians and they rep back up. They get one of us low before a jam hits on the Proteus or Kronos and we catch up.

Eventually, they break the tank on the Prophecy and we break off the engagement to reship hoping for another round. However, they warp back to their tower and log without even looting the field. We loot the field and head home when it is clear they are done for the evening.

Round 1:
Kill: 550M
Lost: 182M

Round 2
Lost: 69M

This was an interesting fight and a lot of fun. The Guardians made the difference for them in the second engagement as we did not have enough DPS or enough jams to break them.

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