Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wormhole Class

Attention class! Let the lessons begin. If you spend time in wormholes, you are going to die. It is not a question of if, only when. New players, who have saved all their pennies to buy a shiny new ship, should not be flying said ships into wormholes.

Example #1: Tornado -

I am almost at a loss on where to start with this one. First, the pilot does not have enough skill points to even consider flying this ship. Second, it is a poor ship choice for wormhole sleeper sites. It would also be a poor choice for wormhole grav sites. It would also be a poor choice for wormhole scanning. That almost takes care of the issues with the top rack. Except for the glaring issue of the medium guns. This ship should be fit with large guns!

Next, choose a tank. Never, let me repeat, NEVER fit two different types of tank. Pick one and fit it properly. A ship fit for close range should also have a prop module so that you can close quickly on your targets.

Finally, do not fly any ship without the appropriate rigs. Tech 1 rigs are fairly inexpensive and greatly enhance the capabilities of the ship.

The character flying this ship is less than 3 weeks old. My best advice to new players is stick to smaller ships. Bigger does not always equal better. The lessons are not as painful when you are in cheaper ships.

Example #2: Drake -

This character was twice the age of the first one at the time of the kill. However, he also made several critical mistakes. I had a scout sitting cloaked on the high sec connection of this C2. He jumped in, warped to the planets which were out of dscan range and when he didn't see any ships, he jumped into an anomoly and started killing sleepers.

There is no way to know if you are alone in a wormhole. This is one of the biggest appeals for the people who live there and it is also the biggest threat. I fly a variety of ships, most of them having cloaking capabilities. The first notice you will have that I am there will often be when I uncloack 2km off your ship.

This pilot was aligned to the wormhole, when the tackler landed, he warped back to the wormhole to find it bubbled and camped. He died 4 km from safety. The site he chose was out of d-scan range of the towers in system which made him feel safe, but allowed us to put a trap on his only exit without him seeing us. Whether we killed him at the site, or at the wormhole didn't make any difference to us.

This pilot's fit is much better than the first but could still be improved. First, if you need 3 fitting modules to make a fit work, you should rethink the fit and ask for advice. The reactor control, the cpu module and the ancillary current router indicate that you do not have the necessary skills to pilot the ship.

The drake has a large hole in the EM shield resists. Exchanging one of the shield extenders for an EM resistance module or hardener would make a better fit and would help alleviate some of the fitting issues.

The biggest mistake that both pilots made was flying alone. For new pilots who are interested in wormhole space, I highly recommend that you read up on wormholes and make friends with someone who lives there before venturing into them. There are corporations who are new player friendly that will show you the ropes, once you have sufficient skills.

Tips for new players who must explore wormholes anyway:
1. Get in a cheap T1 scanning frigate and explore
2. Make sure the ship is insured, you are going to lose it at some point
3. Do not fly into wormholes with expensive implants at this phase of your career
4. Move into a wormhole and live there for a week (fit a prototype cloak for this)
 a. observe the connections, types and durations
 b. watch player activity in the wormhole
 c. figure out which moons the towers are on (without warping to them)
5. Forget running sites in wormholes until you can properly fit a T2 tank on a battlecruiser

Ninja mining might be fairly workable for new players, especially with the new mining frigate coming with Retribution. Keep in mind though that if you spend enough time in wormholes, you are going to lose a ship.

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