Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baiting a Trap

We open a new static and the scout reads off the list of ships on d-scan. This has become standard operating procedure for us as we roll a lot of wormholes. However, the list of ships the scout reads off is anything but standard. Guardian x3, Vindicator x5, Dominix x2, Armageddon, Abaddon, Tayra, Iteron V. Followed by an observation that nearly all the POCOs are reinforced. Hmmmm!

The scout bookmarks the back side of the wormhole and goes to find the fleet. It takes a couple of minutes since the fleet is not bashing the POCOs as expected. Instead, we have found Last Chancers bashing a Tower. Evidently, the locals had decided to move in and remove the POCOs which provided an excuse for Last Chancers to stir up a fight. LOL!

The POS bashing fleet has not noticed the new signature in system, so we decide to set a trap. We quickly mass down the wormhole and put a cloaked Scorpion in the static as the cage door for the trap. Once we are ready, everyone moves off the wormhole and we leave a lone pilot (Wolwen) sitting on the static in a Hyperion as bait.

The next step is to get their attention since it is obvious they are not paying attention to new signatures. It is likely that they will notice a hostile tag on d-scan and scanner probes. Sure enough, that gets their attention. While our scout finds the high sec connection, their scout probes down our K162. A few seconds later, a Proteus appears on the K162 and jumps into our home system.

He immediately engages the Hyperion and puts out the call to his fleet that he has a target. They warp 4 Vindicators, a Scorpion, 2 Guardians, a Sabre, a Legion and an Abaddon to our wormhole. The 2 Guardians, 1 Vindicator, Legion, Sabre and Abaddon make it through the wormhole before it collapses.

Our cage door Scorpion pilot (Seercher Visteen) is unnecessary and dies stranded on the wrong side of the wormhole to the ships that did not make it through.

As soon as we have confirmation that their fleet is jumping, we warp the rest of our fleet to the wormhole. This includes an Oneiros, a Dominix, a Proteus, a Megathron Navy Issue, a Bhaalghorn, and an Archon. The trap has been sprung!

The Oneiros pilot has to overheat the reppers to keep our Hyperion alive until the Archon can land. Meanwhile, the rest of us spread our points. With the Bhaalghorn nueting the Guardians are completed taken out of the fight. The Guardian of Orrin Danestar goes down first.  Followed quickly by the Guardian of SiTodd. Due to the Sabre's bubble, Orrin Danestar is trapped in the bubble and gets podded before he can escape the field.

Next up is the Vindicator of Niborina, followed by the Legion of onthewagon. The Proteus pilot manages to burn out of our point range and escape and points were never applied to the Sabre or the Abaddon which also manage to warp off the field.

The Proteus pilot is their scanner and the remaining pilots bounce around while both groups drop probes and locate the new static exit. We strike up a conversation with the remaining members of their fleet and agree to let the rest of their fleet escape without pursuit. However, the new static has a null sec / c5 static. Once we realize this, we invite them back into the wormhole and roll it looking for a better connection. The next static is a C3 / High Sec and conveniently, the high sec is only 5 jumps from Jita.

They head off to rejoin their group and reship, while we roll our connection and continuing looking for targets.

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