Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ratting Naga = Gank

I log in and almost immediately am told that we have a couple of targets ratting in the C2. Fantastic! I jump into a cloaky Proteus and warp to our static. Our fleet comp is 2 cloaky protues, a devoter, an astarte and an oneiros.

This is overkill for a couple of ratting battlecruisers but that is Ok. The wormhole is out of range of the site they are running so I jump into the wormhole. While I am in transit the scout reports a third party chatting in local. Crap!

Well, there is no reason to be stealthy, we need to see if we can get them before they escape. Our scout decloaks and surprisingly manages to point both ships. Our fleet lands on the scout and we make short work of the Naga and the Drake. Thanks to the bubble of the devoter, we send Zshootz Enaka and E Shootz back to the cloning vat.

We loot and shoot the wrecks and head back home. Now that we have ganked what appears to be a dual-boxing day tripper from k-space. We should see if we can find the third party who thought this was bait.

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