Saturday, July 6, 2013

MOAR Lowsec

I login to discover that we have two outbound C140s to low-sec. It has been a couple of weeks since we roamed around (i.e. lost ships) in low sec and the sirens call cannot be ignored.

After some debate, we decide to go armor and field a rag tag fleet with a Brutix, Navy Omen, Arazu, Blackbird and an Exequror and a pilot who is AFK in system in an unknown cloaky ship. We jump into the low sec and I warp to the first gate where I land on top of a Typhoon who warps off before my warp engines disengage.

I track his direction and follow as quickly as I can to one of the other gates in system just in time to see him disappear through the gate. Odd! It is almost as if he wanted me to see him. BAIT! According to the map of the area I have sitting in front of me, the route he jumped only has 2 systems and then becomes a dead end.

Expecting him to come back that way in a few minutes and most likely with friends, we setup on the gate. Sure enough, in about 3-4 minutes, he jumps back in system. At the same time, our AFK pilot returns and we discover he is in a Tengu.  We engage the Typhoon and sure enough local spikes with 4-5 additional people. A quick check shows they are his friends. WooHoo! We are going to get a fight. Based on local, it will be a 5v5 on the gate. This should be fun!

We have the Typhoon heading into structure as his mates arrive on the field in a Raven, Tempest, Stabber Fleet Issue and a Cynabal. The Typhoon pilot jumps back to the other side of the gate as his friends pour the DPS on my Brutix. I call the Cynabal as the second target which was probably the third or fourth mistake I made in this engagement. :P

The Exequror is doing a fairly good job of keeping me alive, and the enemy fleet decides to go after the blackbird and the exequror. Both of these pilots are too close which was another of the mistakes I made as I called for them to warp in. In spite of overheating all reps on the Exequror, the Blackbird falls and of course the Exequror is next. 

In the meantime, my Brutix also goes down leaving our Navy Omen pilot on the field by himself. Three of the enemy pilots are approaching structure with the Typhoon back on the field as the Cynabal falls and shortly thereafter our Omen Navy pilot goes down as well.

The Tengu pilot wisely decided to stay out of the fight. In the end, they cleared us off the field and we were only able to take one of them down. The engagement results are linked here. According to the kill report, we lost 380M while destroying 275M. Even though we lost the engagement, it was fun and we learned a number of things.

Thanks for the great 5v5 from Wolfsbrigade!

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